Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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October 30, 2022 at 09:23 PM


Warren P. Sonoda

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Margot Kidder as Mrs. Crank
Lauren Collins as Krissy
Aaron Ashmore as Chase Vanhaver
Dave Foley as Godfrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by murtsell 10 / 10

Damn Funny

We went to see this movie at the Calgary International Film Festival tonight and laughed more than I've laughed in a theatre since... I can't remember when! This movie was flat-out funny from beginning to end. Basically, Josh is a waiter with a hot snobby girlfriend who is pushing him to quit his waiting job and go to law school. Josh keeps putting it off and stays perhaps just one night too long... or maybe not. In any case, hilarity ensues. This is generally just a very funny film, but you also find yourself caring enough about the characters for it to work on a slightly emotional level too. Definitely see this film! Especially if you have ever worked a service job.

Reviewed by thepotatoHasEyes 9 / 10

I hate to admit it- it's good .

i don't know why but i went into this movie wanting to dislike it , i caught the first couple of min's as a kind of trailer..... that made me not like it , but once i sat down and gave it my att'n, it took off immediately , of my movie guages should make me laugh within the first 5 mins , at least once , RIgHT?....if its a comedy , ....servitude passed the test , it is at least as good as "waiting". if that means much , .

here's a glimpse....manager of restaurant says .."(if we are not a team)then i will take one of those rifles down off the wall right here and just "kurt Cobain" it right here in the middle of the dining room...just end it , right here, boom , blam, (hand gesturing an exit wound out the back of his head)...and i will get your att'n first so you are looking , and you will live with that image for the rest of your lives ...and do you know how much i am joking ? this much..."

ya, so , i hate long reviews and this one is stretching ... it's pretty good- servitude. now just start the movie .

Reviewed by H_Spengler 7 / 10

Must see for anyone in the wait staff/customer service industry

My sister and I recently attended a preview screening of this in Toronto, I watched the trailer and knew this was going to be a simple, fun movie. It's not that I had low expectations, but I didn't set any either.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with what I saw. There's no new formula here, it's revenge in the workplace, the difference is unlike the insipid "Waiting" it's fun, and tactful, not gross and unnecessary, and while it was somewhat predictable, I still enjoyed the ride and enjoyed the characters. If you've ever served time in the wait/customer service industry, than you too can relate (as I certainly did) to the tiring everyday, irritating situations and customers and strange/rude situations encountered in the industry of "dealing" with people.

Kudos are also in hand for Margot Kidder (who I didn't even recognize until I saw her name in the credits) she looks great (even if she couldn't move her mouth), and as a rabid 20 year fan of Kids In The Hall, it was a guilty pleasure, and awesome to see Dave Foley, (he still looks great, and hasn't lost a beat of the dark sarcasm that endears us to him so much). Also, loved the German corporate buyout guy (Franz), perhaps my favorite character next to Foley.

A simple, thoroughly enjoyable little film. And a great Canadian export.

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