A Werewolf in England


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 2090

Plot summary

October 31, 2022 at 04:02 PM


Charlie Steeds

Top cast

Derek Nelson as Werewolf
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by georgio-26490 10 / 10

not horror, it is a comedy horror

This is in no way attempting to scare the life from you , nor is it trying to persuade you that werewolves were or are real. its not a werewolf movie like any other, imagine sleep hollow mixed with big foot and the hendersons! im sure the bad reviews on here are from viewers that expected a serious scare and realism. id never advise anyone to view a trailer, but with this i feel its a must. you will then know what you are going to or not going watch. its a funny gruesome olden days fairy story. i enjoyed it , funny and silly with a few gallons of blood and more hair than a barbers floor!!!

Reviewed by thegrimmshaw 6 / 10

Campy Slap Stick Horror

This film was super campy, slap stick horror. I enjoyed it! The acting, photography and score were much higher quality than I've come to expect as i trudge my way through horror movies rated below 4.0 on IMDB. The really low reviews must not have understood what they were watching. It's goofy and gory, no real scares, but lots of fun and it built tension better than most.

Would recommend to fans of Evil Dead.

Reviewed by I_Ailurophile 7 / 10

Astonishingly good werewolf flick, spoiled by excess

I appreciate the clear effort to imitate the manner of 70s horror. We see it even in the opening credits as a carriage charges down a road, with a stylized font and Simone Cilio's dynamic, driving score over top. We see it in the deliberately exaggerated performances, pointed camerawork, and careful set design and decoration, costume design, and arguably sometimes overenthusiastic lighting. In his screenplay and his direction, Charlie Steeds has crafted a low-budget love letter to classic pictures of decades past. I admire that slant, and to no small extent, I think it paid off.

I'm less readily appreciative of the over the top comedy added for flavor. Some of it is mildly clever, and even helps to wash over indelicacies like the questionable appearance of the werewolves (which, let's be honest, still look better than what we've gotten in too many other films). Some of it is simply excessive. But a significant portion of the "humor" is crude, and juvenile - unnecessary, and unwelcome. We've essentially been served a classic sandwich, with additional garnishes - one that's unusual, but adds a good taste; one that's overdone; and one that's plucked from a cat's litterbox. What quickly impressed as a fun if flawed movie is substantially hampered by Steed's indulgence in his worst impulses.

I think the blood and gore is well done. The essence of the narrative is imperfect, but actually generally quite solid. Inelegant though the construction is, it's earnest, with no pretenses of being anything it's not. I know folks tend to leap to criticize the acting in movies like this, but I disagree: I think everyone involved is quite fine, and obviously leaning into the overt, outlandish tone of the film. Truthfully, much more so than not, I'm pleasantly surprised by how good this is.

Would that Steeds had simply exercised a bit more self-control.

There are better genre films than this, certainly, but there are also many far worse. Putting aside the unfortunate smatterings of childish, puerile humor, I'd argue 'A werewolf in England' stops just a little short of being perfect. I think it's most definitely worth checking out if you have the opportunity, with the caveat that it's not always as funny as it thinks it is.

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Pilgrimsong profile
Pilgrimsong September 29, 2020 at 09:29 am

Anyone Panning this movie as a waste of time and money is missing the point completely. This is comedy horror, you guys. Lighten up and go along for the ride.. It's full of emoting actors, over the top goofy werewolf costumes and movements along with sight gags and funny lines. Ya gotta know when you're being taken for a ride. I loved it!

ObelixMovies profile
ObelixMovies September 29, 2020 at 04:09 am

very bad movie.. dont waste your time

ojedamazo profile
ojedamazo September 28, 2020 at 07:48 pm

5 Dollars production, a comedy without laughing

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