Big Trip 2: Special Delivery

2022 [RUSSIAN]


IMDb Rating 6.1 10 106

Plot summary

November 01, 2022 at 04:11 AM


Vasiliy Rovenskiy

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boyar-jedi 9 / 10

Ahead of a good deed and many, many adventures!

I love watching adventure films and cartoons with children. To be honest, cartoons have always seemed nicer and more pleasant to me. So I ran into the problem that recently there has been some kind of real crisis - it is almost impossible to find a cool soulful cartoon for the evening. Only one that really touches adults. But then came the "Big Trip 2: Special Delivery".

Of course, we started watching a little wrong, we just didn't know that there was the first part. But we liked this cartoon so much that there was not even a question whether to watch the first film. Just amazing characters and story? Even the music itself is so catchy. My favorite character is bear Mik-Mik. He is so kind, I want to hug him, and he is so sweet with these bees ... Sheer pleasure!

I was also very touched by how, despite the fact that this is an absolutely children's film, the characters are shown here in many ways, what a touching issue. It's not a heavy drama though, so there's no need to cry, but there are some sad, deep moments. The actions and deeds of the main characters teach to be responsive, polite, kind, always ready to help both friends and complete strangers.

And in general, the cartoon itself is bright, filled with life and fun. He will definitely be able to cheer up not only children, but the whole family, make they smile and laugh heartily. It's very cool when such simple stories evoke such pleasant emotions. So, it is sometimes useful for adults to watch this too.

Reviewed by ubaglyuk 9 / 10

Onward to new adventures!

When you have embarked on the path of real adventure, do not expect that you will be able deal only with one situation. A lull in life, of course, can come, but only temporarily. Whatever one may say, but soon you will have to fall into a new whirlpool of incredible events.

So it happened with our friends - Oscar and Mik-Mik. Just what kind of mission awaits them this time? We dealt with one bear cub (panda) ... now the second one?! But this time it's a grizzly bear. Well, they don't leave this kid in trouble either. Moreover, the guys already have experience in such matters. So, without thinking twice, friends go on a new long journey. To save another creature and get new incredible experiences.

Damn, it's very cool how the measured life of the main characters at the very beginning is very abruptly and unexpectedly interrupted by a new incident. I really liked how at first the audience was given the opportunity to see the characters, get used to them a little, understand, immerse themselves in the atmosphere, and then - oops! And the plot was swallowed up in a whirlpool of interesting events. I don't think any child can resist this. Impressive!

I really liked the characters. To be honest, I don't think Russian creators are masters of animation. But in The Big Trip, both in the first and in the second part, they managed to portray the animals and the environment around them very well. Looks very professional and high quality. And good voice acting only enhances the excellent impression of everything that happens on the screen.

I believe that if the cartoon managed to impress and surprise me, then the children will definitely like this. Moreover, my child said that he had not been so immersed in watching a cartoon for a long time. And then I focused on the plot with all my attention. In general, I am very glad that we still decided to watch this cartoon.

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