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November 04, 2022 at 08:38 AM


Nick Richey

Top cast

David Ury as Bill
Orli Gottesman as Britt
Nicole Steinwedell as Jenny
Mark Leslie Ford as Ford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sszwqgmpb 10 / 10

A uniquely written and fantastically performed coming of age

This coming of age movie following three young boys during a night of escape is a fun and many times difficult story of innocence, boyhood, and troublesome circumstances.

One thing that makes the movie so captivating is that the storyline and the kids' encounters are closely based on real life experiences that the director had gone through himself, as a teenager.

From getting into disagreements with close friends and tricking paper route customers into paying them, to running into some really creepy characters and running away from police, the boys' adventure unfolds from a night of innocent mischief to real and scary realities of growing up.

The unexpected twist of the phone operator's purpose in the film adds another layer of humanity to the characters, including the operator herself (someone who in real life, can be dehumanized by nature).

Each cast member did a splendid job portraying their characters, and the director's heart is definitely seen throughout the movie. A must see! Watch it a second time and you'll catch many things you may have missed the first time around!

Reviewed by shayna-65557 10 / 10

Great coming of age film

Growing up isn't always a straight path, and some are forced to grow up sooner than others. The young characters in this film were forced to deal with heavy issues and grow up in front of our eyes. The script is deft at blending the very real lightness that can come with being a kid, with the heavy realities of their home lives. You believe their journey and the emotions are palpable. The actors are incredible and three boys have a chemistry that is so fun to watch. Ali Richey as Ava, portrayed a woman who has lived a hard life but still has a soft side. Her connection with Tommy (played by Dallas Young), starts as pure comedy. As in real life, however, you never know who will be there when you need it. Watching their connection was powerful. This film is well acted and writing/directing from Nick Richey demonstrates incredible talent! This was a powerful film with a lot of passion behind it. Recommend highly!

Reviewed by jnbonicar 3 / 10

Low budget is not the problem, script is

Watched at the Deauville Film Festival. A coming-of-age stay about 3 LA teens, CONGRATS to Dallas, Garrison and Mylen, their performances are awesome. Loved their acting especially Garrison and Dallas, and Mylen was great too. But the biggest problem here is that the movie lacks a solid script, the films is an addition of scenes and situations in LA where our 3 heroes are lost, but there's no really involvement, so no emotion, identification and there is not a clear objective for the kids (for instance, there's one very strong in "Stand by me"). This makes the film slow and unclear, about its intentions.

In addition, there are holes, unrealistic, unnatural situations and character's behaviors, especially the phone operator's behavior is not realistic. The dark/orange cinematography and lighting is great in some scenes, and full of mistakes in others. For instance, at some point the kid is sitting in a very dark room with no light, and talking to a woman, who is lit as if the room was full of lights, it could have been better. There are similar light problems throughout the film.

It just could have been better, the movie could have deserved a 6-8/10, we can feel how passionate the crew is, but it definitely a much better script.

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