Past Sins


Drama / Thriller

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November 10, 2022 at 05:35 AM


David Winning

Top cast

Michael Kopsa as Ray Lee Cobb
Timothy Webber as Leo Rudd
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Reviewed by LauraleeBell 10 / 10

Lauralee Bell - Amazing as Donna!

This movie was so great! I really enjoyed it and I absolutely loved the chemistry between the two main characters. They were wonderful and it reminded me it could turn into a new moonlighting. Lauralee Bell did such an amazing and incredible job playing the role of Donna. After watching this movie, it left me wanting to see more! I have been a fan of Daytime Soaps for many years. I watch my favorite actors and actresses every day and it's so much fun to see them in a movie, as well as other projects they are in. I make sure I tune in to see them in their other projects and I'm so glad I didn't miss this one. It turned out to be one of my favorite movies! It's great and exciting to see them play different roles especially when they are usually quite different from the characters they play on a daily basis. Daytime fans are the most loyal and we will follow our favorite actors and actresses in whatever job or role they get. I know I do and I am never disappointed! I've met quite a few of my favorite daytime actors and actresses and they have been the most kind and giving people to their fans. It makes it so easy to support them in whatever they do and wherever they go. I hope Lauralee and the rest of my favorite actors and actresses will continue to do movies like this. I really look forward to them and this movie is definitely a favorite of mine!

Reviewed by wtrZ34 5 / 10

Leading lady didn't seem right in her part

All I could see of our leading lady while watching her in this movie was seeing her in her soap opera part. I liked the movie quite well but it needed a different leading lady or least one who had left her soap opera part long before starring in this movie. She just didn't fit, her acting was very good but she belongs in her soap opera part more so than she belongs in this TV Movie of Past Sins. This is just my humble opinion and I should also add that since putting in our in ground pool three years ago I haven't watched any soap opera's in the past three if I feel this way imagine how someone who is currently watching her favorite soaps must feel. Can you see where I am coming from after not watching her in her soap opera part of Christine in over three years? If she didn't seem right in this part for me how do you think her current soap opera fans must feel watching her in this part in this movie!?! I didn't like her when she was on Walker Texas Ranger and I am a long running WTR fan and an even longer Chuck Norris fan. I did watch her in the soap when she had the part on WTR, which must have been approximately 5 or so years ago now. Soap opera stars just should stick with their soap roles unless they have left them behind for a few year. So to put it in a few less words. It was a good movie but would have been better without this leading lady. I couldn't even finish watching the movie before I came into this site to add my thoughts!

Reviewed by mercyaintfree 1 / 10

What ?

Reading other reviews here..."wow..a REALLY great movie".... I have to wonder what those people would do if they saw movies like "Good fellas"..or "Hurt Locker". Would they just go catatonic....or freak out ? Because THIS movie SUXX !!! Really BAD actors acting VERY badly. The OVER-acting is almost comical. Save yourself the trouble.

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