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November 11, 2022 at 07:01 AM


David O. Russell

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Zoe Saldana as Irma St. Clair
Anya Taylor-Joy as Libby Voze
Margot Robbie as Valerie Voze
Christian Bale as Burt Berendsen
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Reviewed by Radio-1s_Mr-MovieMad-Ami_104-1FM 10 / 10

A Period Piece, Done Superbly. And For Its Stunningly Prescient Timing ; & STRAIGHT-UP SMORGASBORD Of Profoundly Pretty Messages ; It's FIERCELY FREAKING FABULOUS

A -{ B I G }- Screen Mini Review ; Film Seen on Saturday ; Oct.08, 2022.


Dear Reader, JUST IN CASE you're -not- aware, "Amsterdam" is, in -actuality-, "structured" around several REAL LIFE EVENTS, -all- of which transpired over the early part of the 20th century. I'm telling you this for the simple, following reason. Once I'd done just a -little- bit of research on the matter, but only -AFTER- having viewed said movie .....{ I'd had absolutely -no- idea of this entire 'True History' aspect of Amsterdam whatsoever prior to my viewing of it ; I'd just ( -wrongly- ) assumed that it was going to be entirely fictional ; like say, most other theatrical offerings available out there over the course of an average moviegoing week }..... my appreciation for veteran director David O. Russell's massive, ambitious "Period Caper" immediately started to grow, A N D -{ T R E M E N D O U S L Y }- S O.


The picture was in -FACT- inspired in whole by the "BUSINESS PLOT" ; a 1933 political conspiracy in which a veritable HANDFUL -{ literally! }- of "uberwealthy" American bankers and businessmen plotted a military coup d'état to overthrow widely Beloved US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt . . . . . { often referred to affectionately as simply "FDR", and -immensely- revered by his base for the many Progressive Policies that he enacted ; including SEVERAL that resulted in uplifting the lives of -multiple- minority groups in America, over the course of his 'enormous' 12 year tenure } . . . . . And replace him with a truly malicious and fascist Veterans' Organization ; headed by a Marine Corps Major General by the name of Smedley Butler. -This- particular narrative account of the events in question relates the goings-on from the perspective of three "MADLY" loyal friends, who get unwittingly drawn -{ right }- into the mayhem. The parts are played to utter PERFECTION, ( and then some! ), by Margot Robbie, Christian Bale & John David Washington ( leading man of "Tenet", and real-life son to none other than Denzel Washington ). And finally, without further ado, that leads me to this: a bit of sincere, friendly advice to you. If you're someone who DOESN'T appreciate one or more of the three characteristics listed below, ALL of which are -{ specific }- to Amsterdam ; then be assured, this particular film will very likely -{ NOT }- be 'right up your alley'. Here goes. 1. Long-Playing ( albeit very comically enriched ) dramas, that -REALLY- take their time to build up their respective storytelling arcs, and do so in a -genuinely- "Relaxed And Unrushed" manner, at that ( a production sensibility that - I - for one, have always -truly- appreciated ). 2. Quite simply put: PERIOD PIECES that have "that distinct Oscar contender" feel to them ( in general ). 3. Movies that try & show "The Best In Us", and that break down RACE BARRIERS, ( as well as other socially iniquitous barriers like the altogether unfounded fear, and prejuduce, of "the other" ), in the most Tender, Poignant, And Often HEARTMELTING of ways.

SUMMARY: If, on the flip side, you're -{ NOT }- likely to be fazed by -any- of the three aforementioned salient aspects of Amsterdam { "Good On You, Yay!" } ; -and- its 'decidedly non-cursory' runtime of about 135 minutes doesn't intimidate you ( -EITHER- ) ; then you're in for a "mindbogglingly entertaining" festival of -genuinely dazzling- . . . "Star Power", to the tune of FIFTEEN MAGNIFICENT A-LISTERS, no less! I sincerely hope this picture resonates with you 'deeply and personally', the way it did with me. I left the theatre not only literally -overflowing- with a sort of renewed sense of "Hope For Common Decency" but, ( quite frankly ), "For Humanity Itself". Furthermore, as I emerged into the calming serenity of the night sky ; I was -also- utterly { E C S T A T I C ! } in the "secure" knowledge that my favourite male actor 'of-all-time', ( the one & only Christian Bale! ), "was every bit the Deeply Caring And Noble HUMAN being that I'd -always- believed him to be" . . . Based on his "RAW AND SHOCKINGLY HONEST PERFORMANCE" -alone- ; adorably quirky narration and all. So my score? 25 Lavish, Grandiose Marks Out Of 10. "Sheer no brainer!!!!!"

Reviewed by Paragon240 6 / 10

Amsterdam's uneven pacing and erratic story mishandled its amazing potential and left me wondering when it would finally end.

Amsterdam comes roaring out of the gate with a fast-paced, quirky, charming, and unique mystery of the likes of Sherlock Holmes or Knives Out. The list of celebrities and actors continues to grow as almost every face in this movie is another a-lister making an entertaining appearance. I was so excited to see what happened next and was surprised when the story suddenly screeched to a halt for a very long slow flashback that didn't offer much to the plot. I hoped the exciting pace would return when the story returned to its original narrative, but the risk and urgency had been replaced by a scattered collection of arbitrary dialogue and scenes that lingered much longer than needed. The pacing lagged almost an hour before ramping back up in the final act. Amsterdam had so much potential but floundered in its attempts to be different and unique. The film's best part was Michael Shannon and Mike Myers' quirky bird-loving spies. Every time they were on the screen, I couldn't help but laugh. Christian Bale logged another amazing performance, as expected. But even with entertaining characters, great performances, and an exciting opening and conclusion, Amsterdam fumbled all its fantastic elements and ended up making my eyes heavy and my heart yearn to go to bed early.

Reviewed by trevor-m-byrne 8 / 10

Not what I expected.

Amsterdam is a movie that subverts expectations. I went into it not knowing anything about the plot and simply wanting to see the ensemble cast in action. What begins as an eccentric and slightly amusing film becomes quite a serious political drama about America post WW1 and the power of a group of friends holding true to one another.

I certainly can see how the slower pace could put people off, particularly if you have no interest in the conspiracy being unearthed but for me it was an entertaining insight into a part of history I knew nothing about.

The performances are for the most part great, especially Margot Robbie who is at this stage a bone fide A lister. I would say however that the performance of John David Washington feels a little wooden.

In an era of short attention spans and superhero films there won't be nearly enough explosions for some but for those prepared to absorb this work a thought provoking film awaits.

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