Bye Bye Jupiter


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November 16, 2022 at 05:08 PM


Ishirô Honda

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Toshirô Mifune as Samurai on TV
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Reviewed by zillabob 3 / 10

"We burn out like the comet's nest"

What a mess of a film. This was Toho's first-of the 1980's-foray into Tokusatsu, after a hiatus in 1977 with The War In Space. It was made a year before Godzilla 1984 as well as a year before 2010 came out-and this film bears some striking plot devices to that one, as well as some of the set and miniature designs. The plus is perhaps some outstanding effects work by Koichi Kawakita, for the time; some mesmerizing cloud chamber work, and nice miniature ships,planet scapes and matte and optical work. I'd say it well matches anything by Gerry Anderson(think Space:1999) from the late 60's or early 70's. The story is another matter-a black hole is on collision course with earth-however it can be altered if Jupiter is blown up to become a sun. The "Jupiter Solarization Project" is being undertaken to create a new sun and thus, colonize the moons of Jupiter. However some space hippies of the "Jupiter Church" don't want this to happen. They hang around-when not casually attempting to sabotage the project in orbit around Jupiter-on a beach on earth with this head guru guy who pulls out a guitar and stops the film, and does a musical number! I kid you not. This happens about four times. Accompanied by a montage of images of animals, beaches, dolphins,etc. There is also perhaps one of the biggest rip-off scenes from Jaws ever done, so blatantly. Characters zip back and forth from earth to Jupiter with the edit of a scene. There is also a "space sex" scene which they use "Love Gas" to achieve. It's corny, cheesy but can see nary a string or harness on their buck naked bodies! How'd they do that? It goes on forever but you can't take your eyes off it, not knowing how "hot" this will get. The hippies turn out to be terrorists and somehow we are supposed to empathize with their desire to kill everyone for no reason whatsoever. There are some grand set pieces, devices, and a "large" epic look to things. But it never really comes together. They steal everything you can think of from the aforementioned Jaws,Star Wars, The Black Hole and, another blatant effects rip off shot from 2001:A Space Odyssey. The songs are amazing-they don't miss a beat to get one into all four acts of the film and, the end titles, complete with strange lyrics like "We burn out like a comet's nest" and "I will transfer all your pain to me". The English speaking actors are atrocious for the most part, just completely ruining whatever grand set they are placed in. There is also a scene where a guy is speaking German to a Gaijin guy who speaks Japanese back at him. Huh? There's a Godzilla in-joke that's quite funny, and works, as clips from Ghidorah(1965) manage to make it into the film as one guy seems to be a Kaiju fan. The film was never released here in the states legally, until now. It's been a rarity for American Tokusatsu fans to try and find. And, to me, a letdown.

Reviewed by Squonkamatic 5 / 10

Japanese Made Special Effects Epic In Search Of An Editor

SAYANORA JUPITER is a very worthy Toho studios effort about a 2010-like mission to a transmogrifying Jupiter that is hard to keep track of and runs about 20 minutes too long. I could even tell you which 20 minutes needed to go, specifically the sub plot about the Space Hippies and their mascot dolphin, named Jupiter. Coincidence? Hardly, though in all honesty the plot is so convoluted and hard to keep track of that I'm not sure if the dolphin's name was ironic or descriptive. It takes the film almost an hour before it's primary focus of contact with extra-terrestrials who have ill intent in mind actually begins to gel. The film is actually quite violent for an otherwise PG rated space adventure and features some unexpected nudity which wasn't really necessary. As a matter of fact what the movie needs more than anything else is editing: This should have been trimmed down to about 90 minutes and focused on the space adventure aspect.

It's a real shame too because the special effects are really marvelous, with some ingenious model/miniature work, a high caliber of production design and an interesting international cast that is capable of carrying the material. None of it looks unreal, the ship designs and sundries like space suit creations all look believable, but the story lacks discipline and tends to ramble. The filmmakers also foolishly decided that we'd share in their sentiment for their epic touches like a less than happy ending, which is welcome but I don't know ... a whole mission control filled with teary eyed technicians who stand up and salute at the same moment while the surviving "seen it all" scientist type delivers a solemn monologue on the surface of an asteroid in front of a space memorial? C'mon ... The film is also remarkably noisy, loud, flashy and unsubtle. It's likable and I'm sure that on repeat viewings I'll find more about it to enjoy, which leads to perhaps the kindest thing one can say about it: It will probably command repeat viewings from those who appreciate it's somewhat unkempt length. Thank goodness for DVD players remembering where to start up again after a nice long nap.

5/10: Great special effects though, I didn't know Toho was capable of work like this.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 2 / 10

Thank God, that means we'll never have to watch this again

This is one of the worst Japanese big budget films I've run across. The plot has something to do with a project concerning Jupiter going horribly wrong and... you really don't want to know. Trust me as bad as you think some of the Godzilla movies and films like The Green Slime are, this is worse, but not in a good way.

This is just stupid, the hippies being the last straw on a short list of reasons to watch, none of which are good. I have no idea why anyone would like this on anything but a technical level since the plot, which I've finally been able to erase from my mind only thanks to years of very expensive therapy. All I remember is that the film seemed to want to be a flower power film but was made by people who didn't know what that was and were 15 years too late.(these people couldn't plot a film even if they were handed it)

This film was suggested to me by a friend who loves it, "saying you'll either love it or you won't, but I think you will". He was wrong.

Trust me, there are better ways to spend two and a half hours, many much more pleasant

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