Suffer, You Prick

1987 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Musical

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 364

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November 16, 2022 at 09:50 PM


Manuel Summers

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Rossy de Palma as Artista 40 Principales
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danieldavalos 8 / 10

A Good Spanish 80's Comedy

Sufre Mamón was made at the peak of the Hombres G career (Hombres G being the famous Spanish rock/pop band that got really famous throughout Spain and Latin America in the 80's, and are still quite famous today by the way).

It is a movie about how the band got together but also about probably their most famous song: "Devuélveme a mi Chica" ("Give me Back my Girl"), obviously about how David's (lead singer) girl was stolen from him by a snobby arrogant guy that also sings for another band which is the nemesis-band of Hombres G in the movie. David, backed up by his bandmates, will do anything to get her back and take revenge on his enemy. It's a movie made basically for Hombres G fans, although anyone else who isn't familiar with the band would get some good laughs from it as well.

It may not be a big production or cinematographically perfect, but it is entertaining and fun, specially if you like Hombres G. A good Spanish 80's Comedy.

Daniel Dávalos

Reviewed by corrazy 10 / 10

I love this film LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it's fantastic, really funny

Really, I laugh a lot in this film, it's a wonderful film very very funny, I watched it in the cinema with my brother, also we brought it in video, I like very much the conversations between David and Paty, and the fights that David and his friends have with Ricky, and in class that they get in animals... I still remember when I watched the film in the cinema, and when after singing SUFRE MAMON David does a boxing fight with Ricky, and he wins the fight, but before that the Ricky's band sing a song but they frustrate it with the petard. Really really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, now I'm trying to search for it in DVD, I would be glad if I found it, and can watch it when I want.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Passable musical show where there is a great number of songs, laughs , jokes and mayhem .

Suffer your prick¡ or Sufre mamon¡ is a Hombres G vehicle, dealing with David Summers being really enamorated , but his girlfriend betrays him with a member of another musical band , Fiebre Amarilla , that get cocky with him . Meanwhile , David Summers receives music lessons from a gay professor : Luis Escobar .The film stars the band members as themselves and at the end they get fame and fortune , achieveing a big hit . This is a film about some Spanish youngsters , these are the following ones : David Summers , Daniel Mezquita , Javier Molina ,Rafael Gutiérrez , they form a band and the things they get up to. The band are called 'Los Hombres G' - an actual band from Spain - and were very famous towards the end of the 80's and nowadays go on playing . When the group is at school , they carry out antics , jokes , frolics and they are then sent off by the religious principal .

This is a fun comedy, full of musical playing, emotion, laughs, boxing fights , and a brief loving intrigue behind among David , his sweetheat and his cheeky , snobby contender. This is a typical comedy by that time ,a David Summers vehicule, and a successive recital performed by the famous band Hombres G that had big hits in Spain and South America . Screenline is absolutely embarrassing , a silly story about love and treason , without a logical sense . Stars David Summers , son of the notorious actor/director Manuel Summers, he gives a sympathetic acting , though he's mostly singing. Several secondaries and known cameos such as Luis Escobar , Antonio Gamero , Guillermo Summers , Micki and uncredited Cristina Galbo , Summer's regular actress.

This film packs a colorful and evocative cinematography by Tote Trenas who has photographed notorious films as Ispansi! , Fugitivas , Solas , La buena estrella , Conan ,Un Franco 14 Pesetas, among others . Here there is a a lot of musical shows , playing bands as Peor imposible , Los desaparecidos ,Los Elegantes and Hombres G , of course . Including their most known songs : Sufre mamon , Devuélveme a mi Chica" ("Give me Back my Girl"). The motion picture was middlingly directed by Manuel Summers .Manuel was a comic books humorist who publicized in ¨Pueblo¨ diary and on magazines as ¨Hermano Lobo¨and ¨La Codorniz¨. He was a comedian actor and an acceptable filmmaker . His successful first film the sensitive ¨Del Rosa Al Amarillo¨ , it was was followed by personal works wasted by excessive jokes as ¨El Juego De La Oca¨(65) . He was a good professional, actor , writer, producer and filmmaker. He made various films about teens and young people , his first film was Del rosa al amarillo, following La niña de luto and El juego de la oca. Other important and successful movies were Adios cigueña adios : his biggest hit , the sequel titled El niño es nuestro and Ya soy mujer and Me hace falta un bigote. Subequently, he made extremely commercial flicks and without interest such as To er mundo e gueno, To er mundo e mejo, To er mundo e demasiado and La Biblia en pasta. Finally, he directed two Hombres G vehicles as Sufre mamon , Sueltate el pelo, until his early death at 58 year old. Rating 5,5/10 , this is a naive , simple , light comedy ; being acceptable and passable , being followed by a similar film with same players titled ¨Sueltate el pelo¨

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