Nowhere, Michigan


Crime / Thriller

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November 28, 2022 at 01:59 PM


G. Robert Vornkahl

Top cast

Jenna Boyd as Madison
Ashlie Atkinson as Erin
Richard Riehle as Martin
Seth Kirschner as Raymond
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1 hr 35 min
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Reviewed by megantu 7 / 10

Michigander Review

I'm a Michigander and Yooper. For an independent film this was pretty darn good. People have to remember this is not hollywood money and most actors/actresses are up and coming. All "actors" did very good. And the yooper actors were pretty spot-on. Filming in one of our small towns was great to see - Michigan is quaint and beautiful. The other reviewer said he can't figure out the plot well he may have been doing the meth because the plot is very obvious. The humor intertwined with the the "chase" was good. And especially, if you know Upper Michigan! Kudos and keep going!

Reviewed by questl-18592 4 / 10

Nothing, Michigan

As a Michigander, when I saw this title I had to watch it. It's not awful or anything but this is a nothing movie, wholly forgettable. It's just off, it lacks any sense of polish at all, not just in a visual regard but the performances and the story all feel clunky and underdeveloped.

Again, not terrible but not worth seeking out in any sense. There's just not anything here to really separate it and make it stand out at all. If it happens to be on, sure but there are better background movies too .

Reviewed by mcjensen-05924 3 / 10

Pointlessly Idiotic

Welcome to a movie where every character is woefully miscast. The accents and mannerisms of the locals are overdone, absurd and insulting. Add an annoying soundtrack and those stupid split screen scenes I never saw the point of and you have a mess of a movie you'll be lucky to get halfway through. Main character is an LL Cool J wannabe who has the white girls throwing themselves at him. The villains are so badly portrayed you wish you could slap them through the screen. It amazes me when things this horrendous actually survive editing and make it to a wide audience. The writers owe every viewer an apology and a refund where applicable.

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