Christmas with the Campbells


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December 02, 2022 at 10:49 AM


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Reviewed by solojere 10 / 10

Cute, Funny, Weird, And Brittany Snow make Christmas Magic

Christmas with the Campbells is a hard movie to describe. It's Cute, Funny, and Weird, and with Brittany Snow, it creates a different type of Christmas magic. The film is a parody of your typical Hallmark/ Lifetime Christmas movie. The movie follows Jesse. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Jesse decides to spend Christmas with her ex's parents, where she meets her ex's handsome cousin. Sounds familiar, right? The only real difference is that this film is more of a parody, and the language is definitely crude. The idea is that in this movie, everyone says what they are thinking, no matter what.

Brittany Snow is the highlight of this movie. She is my all-time favorite actor and super underrated. With that said, she is perfect for this role. Simply put, she is way too cute. She is beautiful in every scene (seriously, the outfits she wears are perfect in every shot. Brittany also perfectly pulls off this film's dry humor. The way she can deliver some of those absurd lines with a straight face is amazing. She was hilarious. Yet, at the same time, she was able to bring a soft and sensitive side to Jesse. And it is pretty rare to have a complex character in a parody.

Justin Long did a great job as well, but I thought his accent was kind of annoying at times. However, the important thing was that he and Brittany actually had good chemistry, which can't be said of all of Brittany's movies. Lastly, the dog was way too cute!

It definitely won't be for everyone because of the language. It wasn't as crude as I thought it would be, just mostly innuendos. But if you can get passed that and don't take this film too seriously, it is worth a watch for Brittany Snow alone.

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