Dabbe 6: The Return

2015 [TURKISH]

Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 2927

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December 04, 2022 at 08:59 PM


Hasan Karacadag

Top cast

1.38 GB
Turkish 2.0
25 fps
2 hr 33 min
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Reviewed by tolunayd22 2 / 10

2 hours 40 minutes unfortunately not enough!

I think his time has been extended too long. What is 2 hours 40 minutes? Unnecessarily extended dream scenes, absurd and unnecessary blurry shots. The purpose is to scare you in this movie but the best is given to set aside your feelings and tell you the result is logically removed from the movie to consider. If you think about it, the movie will sound ridiculous. The visual effects were bad for the year! The script was very similar to other Dabbe movies, obviously I expected creativity in this movies. There were logic errors. Example: Twist of the Cafer event. The twist thing is good, but it's ridiculous. The film is over, but you still have a lot of questions left in your mind. How did this happen? Why? How? such thoughts remain in your mind. I think the movie can't explain these questions. Away for so long, still remain question marks in mind after the movie came out the audience about the movie or separate is a farce. Isn't it always the point of scare people director? Where's the quality?

⭐ 100/25

Reviewed by shadowofthehorrornight 9 / 10

Dab6e: The scariest movie since The Conjuring

After watching the Dabbe series, it is clear that director, Hasan Karacadag, has mastered his technique. Dab6e has achieved a level of raw terror that is so rare that I almost thought I could never feel it again. The film is not afraid to scare its audience, which is a common problem with Western horror films in our generation. Dab6e is currently the most terrifying film I have ever seen. As usual there will be poor ratings by the public, but I advise horror fans to sit down in a dark silence and view this film. Dab6e uses the classic formula of its predecessors however the film has the highest level of terror in the series.

Dab6e uses a large number of horror elements which are used to petrify the viewer: gore, witchcraft, demons etc. Along with the classic Dabbe twist. Combining these into a film that keeps you captivated the whole way. Simply brilliant. Bravo Dab6e… bravo… 9/10

Reviewed by subratjain1 4 / 10

Spoiled by too much ambition

I found out about the dabbe series while browsing through IMDb once and decided to give them a go as they had pretty rave reviews. before watching the 6th part I indulged myself into Dabbe: Cin Çarpmasi (2013) & Dabbe: Bir Cin Vakasi (2012) respectively. I loved the former and found the latter to be above average too.

I was excited to watch this latest installment because of the above mentioned movies but sadly i was thoroughly disappointed. It seemed the director wanted to involve too many horror elements and was not able to contain the cesspool he created. The result was a boring, illogical movie that would make you scratch your head and think "Where have I seen it before?"

I agree it was creepy and the gore was good but it was really bad at the same time. Following are some of the things that i absolutely hated.

1. The movie is shot in a really weird way. There is a strange vignetting effect in nearly 70% of the reel. The center of the frame is clear whereas the rest is blurred on purpose. As the movie progresses the director switched to shaky cam give it a found footage effect unnecessarily and that annoyed me greatly.

2. The pacing is really slow with nothing happening at all in the first 60 minutes. We just see Alya getting possessed, mouthing words and pouncing on people aimlessly.

3. The special effects were just terrible. I don't expect such horrible imagery in movie released in 2015.

4. A lot of scenes seemed to be inspired or directly copied from major Hollywood movies. One of the renditions of the jinn seemed to be taken from "the woman in black" for example.

5. The director tries too hard to shock the audience and it stops working after a while as it starts getting too long and boring. A lot of scenes could have been done away with, without altering the story.

My advice is to avoid this movie if you have watched the previous films in the series. This has nothing new to offer.

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