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December 05, 2022 at 01:32 PM


Stephen Cookson

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Rebecca Finch as (uncredited)
Marion Bailey as Dinah
Lesley Sharp as Doreen
Phil Davis as Dave
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ianhuds 7 / 10

A lesson

I'm giving it a 7 purely because it's an example of how things change, some for the better, some for the worse, the film features 4 old friends who met in Brighton when they were young and ended up marrying each other hoping that nothing had changed when they re-visit as old people, the best elements in this are the foul language bickering between the main cast and the story of one meeting a lady her dad saved when she was a little girl herself, her dad dies saving the girl but because he didn't come back she thought he'd abandoned her, one thing it isn't is a jolly movie although it is comical in itself but I'd expect a mature audience will get more from it than a young one as they can relate to the content where young ppl will have no reference point having not experienced anything other than what they've seen so far, so if you're over 40 I think you will up mark it and under you'll be bored watching it as you won't be able to relate to it, overall it's a movie that was worth watching but could be graded anywhere between 1 & 10 depending on whose viewing it, Larry & Phil work it well between them.

Reviewed by Inovit 5 / 10

Just ok

Great cast but not really suited to the movie format. Would be better on the stage.

Reviewed by thales-63045 8 / 10

Under 60? Don't bother

This is the kind of film that anyone born after 1970 won't understand. Most of a certain age and upwards will understand the pops crackles and aches and pains from old bones, the loss of one's youth thinking you are still young at heart and body, but aren't. The language and racist/sexist language I guess would have a younger generation shocked. The acting is very good by both young and old, the cinematography is very good. There's also small sub plots in the four main characters experience in their younger days at the hands of bullies and personal loss. All in all a good film for those of us getting older and reminiscing of our times as teddy boys and the mayhem.

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