Were the World Mine


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December 11, 2022 at 01:06 AM


Tom Gustafson

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Zelda Williams as Frankie
Christian Stolte as Coach Driskill
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Reviewed by ptb-8 8 / 10

Between Baz and the Bard

This utterly adorable fantasy musical is one of those tiny movies made simply in a small town and without pretensions other than to enchant... and if you see it in a crowded cinema keen to enjoy then you are really in for a magical experience. I know I am blathering on about this funny whimsical film in the tone of the title and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM terminology, but as I am having fun here with my descriptions, you will as well if you take the time to see and enjoy it as I described above. With it's heart tight in its lovable hero's hairy teen armpit, this DEAD POET SOCIETY locker room version of MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM has more than a whiff of the teen spirit from Baz Luhrmann's Leo/R&J and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for teenage boys. If it can be remade with a bigger sound and image quality and retain the hilarious tone and charm then WERE THE WORLD MINE might just cross into mainstream teen and young adult affection with its funny fairy charm intact and actually get world wide applause. Tanner Cohen can certainly sing, Nathaniel David Becker is an ideal love interest for him, and Zelda Williams makes the most hilarious and adorable English teacher with a very keen awareness of what when tweaked will want untold. I loved it and will happily get Pucked again even just for fun.

Reviewed by steven-222 9 / 10

Lightning in a bottle

I just saw this movie at the San Francisco LGBT festival with a packed house at the Castro Theater, where it provided one of those lightning-in-a-bottle moments that sometimes happen at film fests. Yours truly is a cynical old curmudgeon of a film-goer, and when a movie can win me over this way (along with the rest of the audience) it's like a gift from out of the blue; I found myself not questioning or analyzing the experience, just letting myself give in to pure enjoyment. I'm not surprised that it keeps winning audience awards at festivals; people are grateful when a movie sweeps them up into its own world.

How the magic happens here, I don't know, especially since this is a movie by such a relatively inexperienced director. But I think I can put my finger on a few elements that make this mix happen. First, Wendy Robie as the drama teacher. I previously knew her only as crazy Nadine ("silent curtain rollers!") on "Twin Peaks." She's every gay boy's dream teacher from high school, and only gradually do we begin to realize that she must be more than she seems. Second, though the film is called a musical, and there are indeed songs, the use of music is surprisingly sparing. We don't get a big musical number every 15 minutes; instead the songs are used to capture certain states of mind and to introduce magical elements in the story. I actually left the theater wanting more music (a rare experience!). And third, the ugly homophobic elements in the movie at first seem almost jarringly realistic; this serves to heighten the magic of the wish-fulfillment.

Magic doesn't always work in movies or on the stage; not every production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" can capture Shakespeare's whimsy. But for me, it does work in this movie, and I'm a little awed by the experience.

Reviewed by PTCfromDE 10 / 10

Shakespeare plus singing dancing rugby players, and magically it all works!

Were the World Mine is set in an all male private school where the entire senior class is required to participate in the senior play, a production of "A Midsummer Nights Dream"---even the members of the rugby team.

But the events in the town start to take on a surreal gay twist, as the interactions of all the folks in the town start to mirror those in Shakespeare's original script.

As you may know---the comedy of the Shakespeare play centers around a device where a fairy named Puck can sprinkle a magic elixir into someone's eyes, causing that person to fall madly in love with the first person they lay eyes on.

Timothy, who is picked on by all the members of rugby team, and is playing Puck in the play, manages to get his hands on the elixir for real. But as in Shakepeare's version, not everything goes as planned.

Along the way, there are lots of shirtless hot rugby players, and amazing singing.

I saw this at the Santa Barbara GLBTQ film-festival and was captivated. After seeing the film, now when I play the clips of the trailer I get goose-bumps. During the film I was so transported into the world of the characters that I didn't even notice all the amazing cinematography that I see now in the trailer. The film seems to move effortlessly between realistic scenes and those that are surreal and fantastic---in all senses of that word.

The cast is terrific---and the music is transcendent. I highly recommend this film.

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