Girl at the Window


Horror / Thriller

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December 13, 2022 at 12:59 AM


Mark Hartley

Top cast

Radha Mitchell as Barbara Poynton
James Mackay as Mr. Coleman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisliz57 2 / 10

Desperately Bad

Awful. Simply awful. Didn't make sense. Tried to be off-beat funny with a clunky script. The soundtrack should be used in film school exemplifying what not to do. I ready don't want to bag a film made in my own country's industry .... but no one else should lose 90 minutes of time you'll never retrieve!!

Reviewed by emkomiyama 1 / 10


How was this film made? Genuinely. This is easily one of the most atrociously written/acted/directed/edited films I've ever seen in my life. My first year film school films were Oscar worthy in comparison. We're all usually forgiving with horrors, but this is honestly so awful I was crying with laughter in my screening. Anyone who worked on this film should be really embarassed. But hey, least it's reassuring to know we can all write films if garbage like this can pass all the checks.

Reviewed by adam-king-3 1 / 10

The Worst

Soooo bad it's not even bad enough to be good!

Horror is always a bit hit and miss and sometimes a miss aint a bad thing as 'just because it's bad' doesn't mean it's not enjoyable.

This was just utter cheese - terrible everything, plot, acting, screenplay, all of it. Come in Aussie films!! You can do better then that, we'd come so far and now this?

Anyone involved in this film should be ashamed of themselves.....complete amateurish garbage.

The best part was when it finished.

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JaunPhoenix profile
JaunPhoenix December 13, 2022 at 01:08 am

1080p pleaaase