A Recipe for Joy



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December 20, 2022 at 06:21 AM


Graeme Campbell

Top cast

Erin Agostino as Carly Hayes
Maya Misaljevic as Tess Quinn
Cory Lee as Beth Walsh
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Reviewed by info-620-862130 7 / 10

A cute and predictable romance movie

Erin Agostino brings pride to all Montrealers for her starring role in this cute romantic Christimas movie. Her character Carly Hayes wants to host her own TV show. In order to clinch the deal she must do a profile on chef Grant Quinn's (Dillon Casey) new diner. The two do not hit it off at the start. Then they get close, followed by the typical misunderstanding. Grant has a young daughter, who adores Carly. Will they end up as a couple? Will they ever kiss? The ending certainly left the door open for a sequel.

Reviewed by lcmiller-52529 10 / 10

A Perfect Christmas Movie

This movie is everything you expect from a Christmas movie minus the tired trope of "big city woman must give up career to find love". The dialogue is snappy and clever, the actors have great chemistry, the set design is lush, and both main characters learn valuable life lessons through trial and error. I also really enjoyed how food and recipes are used as story teling devices - a very clever choice by the writer.

Reviewed by cawolfe-52225 8 / 10

Pleasant Holiday Fare

Although the script was predicable and had the usual snowball fight, cookie baking and misunderstanding it ended with the kiss. I thought the leads had good chemistry. I disagree with a previous reviewer who called them "uggos". When people judge a movie based upon the looks of the main characters, I wonder what the reviewer looks like. He also must be blind. In addition to being good actors, Erin Agostino is very pretty and Dillon Casey is quite the handsome hunk. The supporting cast was very good especially young Maya Misaljevic and Deborah Tennant.

I liked the fact that the houses were not decorated too "over the top" ala Hallmark, but I wish these LA set designers would find out what real snow looks like. You don't have to show the dirty snow and slush, but having supposed day old snow look pristine only emphasizes the fact it's fake. FYI, poinsettias are a tropical plant and would never be outdoors in winter and if we have outside events we clear the walkways and festival sites.

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