Wog Boys Forever



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December 22, 2022 at 08:30 AM


Frank Lotito

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Anthony J. Sharpe as Goldi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Slick5050 2 / 10

I wanted to love it... but couldn't

First off I have to say I am a huge supporter of home grown Australian cinema, its critical to a country's culture to maintain a health arts scene which includes making movies with its own voice. But this movie, despite best intentions, shows really only the worst. Its based on a racial stereotype which is very out of date. Fine - you went into the movie knowing that, so its acceptable, even though the entire cultural and racial stereotype is over-milked through the entire movie. What isn't acceptable is just how poor the script writing, direction and cinematography is. Its like this was written and shot by a 13 year old, full of staid gags which fall flat and are poorly timed - the whole 'Alexa' scene was just embarrassing. The plot was awful and made little sense, the acting was beyond wooden, the script was written by a gorilla. Come on Australia, surely you can do better than this.

Reviewed by paullevantis 6 / 10

Probably the weakest of the trilogy

It definitely had some strong moments and good themes, but it's like this was the first draft of the script or something, and the good moments were not utilised to their maximum potential. The director used way too many shots that were half way between a close up and a medium close up. As Rowan Atkinson said, for comedy, you need to show things from a wide angle so that we can see all the actions from all the characters.

Sooshi Mango were clearly thrilled to be able to use some of their best gags in a feature film, and they were mostly very good. Nick Giannopoulos's acting was actually superb, and works so well with this style of humour.

Overall, strong moments and a few weak ones, but it did not reach its potential due to a lack of polishing and not great directing.

Reviewed by mariapezzano204 3 / 10


Look...my grandsons....16 and 14 years old loved it!! But unfortunately for my self and all the other adults in the group..we were so disappointed!!! Where to start....it was a mish mash...terrible .Sooshi Mango..who we absolutely idolise could not save this movie. The LEMON TREE joke was absolutely ridiculous!! Terrible cameo from Derryn Hinch!! The whole movie was a major disaster!! Sorry!!!! We all went to watch this film with such high expectations. So many story lines going nowhere. What happened to the party bus people ...to his work colleagues.....too many to mention... Like I said....maybe the younger generation will love it....but it was a miss for us.

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