2021 [GERMAN]

Drama / Romance

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January 10, 2023 at 04:00 AM


Anne Zohra Berrached

Top cast

Gina Stiebitz as Marisa
1.02 GB
German 2.0
25 fps
1 hr 53 min
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Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo 9 / 10


The life of Ziad Samir Jarrah and Aysel Sengün in the 5 years since the attack, a film that focuses on romance, youthful ingenuity, and the birth of terrorist extremism in Ziad, a beautiful film that is best appreciated if we are not aware of the synopsis, perfect, simple, sensitive, delicate and tragic, Aysel has been under police protection in Karlsruhe since mid-September, and has entered protection, witnesses, as he provided substantial information about the failed attack, because passengers received it by cell phone about the attacks and rebelled in time to avert a greater disaster to the White House...

Reviewed by witra_as 7 / 10

Shocking final act that people can relate

Kinda aggravating romance drama i wish i could appreciate more due to shocking final act that people can relate. Anne Zohra Berrached should gave both characters room to grow, not only Asli's. Kir & Azar gave interesting perspective more than just religion angle.

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