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February 02, 2023 at 07:54 AM


Cristian Ilisuan

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Reviewed by robertmeder 4 / 10

Just a long youtube video

The movie feels literally like a longer and maybe better video quality of a random youtube sketch. The ideas of the characters were thought with no originality at all, everything is very stereotypical. Story line is very weak and it feels like this movie was thought in a weekend. The only reason this movie sells is because of the fame the youtuber and the grandmother has, no one should watch this movie otherwise. I normally wouldn't leave a cinema movie because i always want to give a chance to any movie and finish it until the end, but after finishing it i felt more blank than before, there is no important meaning or message this movie can deliver.

Reviewed by ionyde 4 / 10

Less humor than I espected

It was nice, but I expected more humor. His youtube videos are much better made. The actors were also a bit tense...as if they were for the first time in front of the cameras.

The most authentic and relaxed character was the boss. In the scene with Aurel Tamas, he exaggerated a bit and moved in an agitated mess... he should have slowed down a bit because it is assumed that he was a bit drunk.

The Gramdma offered authentic comedy like on youtube videos and she had great scenes.

But overall it was acceptable. I hope that the next film with the Wedding will be more professional and more natural.

Reviewed by furculitza_aka_slipknot 4 / 10

Such a disappointment

I expected more of this movie. It has such a bad plot.

It looks just like an extended clip of Mircea Bravo, not like a real movie. It seems that they put a very small effort into the plot. Everything that's going on in the movie is very predictable, it has no action, no twists.

The movie has some fun moments, but they are very few.

The acting is also very cheap, it's just Mirciulica's mother and boss that look more experienced. Mirciulica is just like in his videos, has nothing in common with acting.

Overall it's one of those movies I regret going to, even though I respect and support it's creators.

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