Gods of Molenbeek

2019 [FINNISH]


IMDb Rating 7.3 10 229

Plot summary

March 08, 2023 at 01:21 PM


Reetta Huhtanen

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JJA73 10 / 10

A beautiful, impossible film

This beautiful documentary about two small boys of different backgrounds working through the contentious politics which surround them, and religious differences which divide them, is by far the best film I have seen this year. A beautiful, sensitive, miraculous film, which moved me so deeply during its screening that I felt an overwhelming sense of wonder at its existence. The love which the two boys feel for each other is palpable, and the way in which they honestly grapple with the religious and cultural differences which complicate that love, and the delicate way in which the filmmaker has captured it, is profound. I'm not a person who easily engages in superlatives, but this is as good as nonfiction cinema gets.

Reviewed by severajaaho 7 / 10

Beautiful journey to child's mind

The documentary takes the audience literally to child's perspective and observes the surrounding world from there. With beautiful cinematography and music it's a memorable experience. Though the film lacks a strong script or thematic focus as it deals with broad issues such as religion, friendship, culture and terrorism, it succeeds in looking at these difficult topics from its 6-year old protagonist's perspective.

Reviewed by agnesunt 10 / 10

Truly beautiful film

This film is touching, sincere and deeply honest. It shows two young boys dealing with topics that even adults struggle with, trying to find meaning and answers from their friends and themselves. What I loved was the cinematography - it was made as if I was with them, in the world of a 6-year-old.

Truly beautiful and sweet, this film is a lovely watch for anyone who is interested in themes of religion and childhood!

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