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Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 262

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March 11, 2023 at 02:42 PM


Daniel Cockburn

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Nadia Litz as Marcie - A Field Agent
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Movie Reviews

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Reviewed by JelC71 7 / 10

Fascinating and dreamlike about meaning...

I just saw this movie at the 34:th Gothenburg International Film Festival, Sweden. My strategy for picking movies this festival was more or less random - and that's how and why I like going on a festival, being it film or music. So I really had no idea of what to expect from Daniel Cockburn and his movie.

It started with sea waves rolling calmly over the screen, soon accompanied by a voice asking us to just look at the waves and think. Just think. It is all very "new age". After a while the speaker is replaced with a narrator and out of focus people walking hastily on a sidewalk. This crowd is named "Alan" and from this point it all gets strange. And very fascinating. Daniel Cockburn (also script) takes us to all kinds of different places and the people occupying them. Mostly we are guided by voice over, bur sometimes there is dialogue.

I really loved this movie. I just sat back in my chair and enjoyed the images, the narration, and all the nice characters. What does he want to conduct to / tell us, the audience? Confusion? Headache? Happiness? Well, I'm not sure, but I really enjoyed the ride!

Reviewed by matthew-saucedo 8 / 10

Worth watching

The movie is very well shot and keeps your attention throughout the total 75 or so minutes. While watching it I felt like I was in a constant transition from understanding to lost, but it was an enjoyable movie. This is the type of movie that makes you think about what's going on with the world around you. It's worth noting that taking a look at the press kit after watching the movie helps bring some clarity to it all. I was lucky enough to see it with a Q&A with the director afterwards and physical copies of the press kit, and it definitely helped me understand the general topics the film aimed to tackle. Overall, it's a movie that I'll be pondering for the next few days.

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