High Crime

1973 [ITALIAN]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

Plot summary

April 02, 2023 at 06:08 PM


Enzo G. Castellari

Top cast

Natasha Richardson as Luisa - Girl playing hopscotch
Franco Nero as Vice-Commissioner Belli
James Whitmore as Commissioner Aldo Scavino
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by unbrokenmetal 6 / 10

Calm down...

Mind you, I liked the collaborations between director Enzo G Castellari and his star Franco Nero a lot, usually. But in this movie, Nero pushes the restless energy of his character Belli to such a degree that he explodes with rage every two minutes, and about ten times in the movie, his colleagues have to tell him to 'Calm down, Belli!'. This is not anger, but rather impatience to a ridiculous degree. Instead of careful investigation to collect sufficient proof, Belli just gets involved in several shootings to progress (or maybe not) on the case. The quiet, but intense performance of Fernando Rey enhances the effect of hasty and thoughtless action by his counterpart. Belli is just no commissioner the audience can identify with, Nero appears to be a cross between a Duracell bunny and Charlie Bronson on a bad day. I still voted 6 of 10 because the pacing of the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat, regardless.

Reviewed by Coventry 8 / 10

High Crime deserves its High Rating!

In case you're looking for action cinema without restraints, boundaries, fake sentiment or political correctness, you have to aim your senses towards the so-called Italian "Poliziottesco" movies. That is a commonly known fact, or at least I always assumed so, but still this is a vastly underrated sub genre even among cult cinema fanatics. The same great names of Italian cult cinema often return, like for example those of director Enzo G. Castellari and charismatic lead actor Franco Nero. These two prodigies often worked together, but this is arguably their finest piece of work (or at least on par with the terrific western "Keoma"). The words "awesome" and "brilliant" spring to mind when witnessing a movie that opens with artsy credits and promptly continues with an exhilarating and non-stop 10 minutes (!) lasting car chase sequence and then a virulent explosion. The intro immediately sets the pace for a masterfully adrenalin-rushing and hardcore-to-the-bone cop thriller, reminiscent to "The French Connection" and "Dirty Harry" only much more outrageous. Franco Nero depicts the devoted and unstoppable police commissioner Belli, who initiates a merciless crusade to cleanse his city entirely of Mafiosi, drug couriers and corruption. Belli receives voluntary cooperation from a former crime boss, but he's undoubtedly doing it for his own benefit. The support from his superiors is minimal since several prominent citizens may be involved in dirty business and, whenever Belli reaches a major breakthrough in his investigations, they try and strike back on a personal level. The overall plot, with particularly the double-crossings and betrayals between crime gang members mutually, is extremely convoluted and often very confusing but the extended and mega-violent shootout sequences don't require a lot of thinking. The villains are truly relentless and loathsome thugs without a conscience whatsoever, but Belli isn't a wussy himself, as his investigation methods qualify as quite unorthodox as well. Without wanting to ruin things, I can safely say there are a couple of very effective sentimental and dramatic moments near the end of the film – as well as some blatant shocks – and "High Crime" ends exactly like it begun: with a long and fascinating explosion of violence and excitement. The score is terrific and Castellari once again proves that he's a visually very gifted director, as the stylistic trademarks are often stunning to behold.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7 / 10

Not much time for romance and just the briefest nudity

Fast paced, violent and innovative crime thriller with director Castellari and star, Franco Nero on top form. This becomes a little complicated in the middle when there is some jockeying for position between baddies but it finishes well and that start! The great cinematography is evident from the beginning of the credits when from behind the titles we see the gradually enlarging exit to a shipping tunnel. As soon as we dock the chase is on as the suspected drug dealer is chased around the streets by good cop Nero. And what a chase, now I'm no great fan of such things that can in my opinion be overused as padding, but here is a real thrill, and so it goes on for much of the film. Not much time for romance and just the briefest nudity before we are back on the hectic and all consuming search for Mr Big. Lots of references to corruption, communism and general unrest all add to the atmosphere. Have only had the chance to see this dubbed so a subtitled print would be good to see some time.

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Turgers profile
Turgers April 02, 2023 at 04:52 pm

The climax is cut from the film

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