The Danger Next Door


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 167

Plot summary

April 02, 2023 at 08:13 PM


Bill Corcoran

Top cast

Hannah Emily Anderson as Robin
Jake Epstein as Ben
Paula Boudreau as Carla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chartreuse1 6 / 10

Creepy but good!

Robin and Ben are expecting a baby but they get mugged and move to a small town. Enter the nosy neighbors, Guy and Sharon, who get to be too pushy and Robin becomes suspicious. But is it justified? You will have to tune in to this one to find out. For a thriller, this was a good movie and recommended!

Reviewed by lisem-47513 9 / 10

It's scary out there.....

The city may feel unsafe but country living does not guarantee peace and quiet. Not when the new neighbors keep turning up in your garden, in your kitchen, when you go to town for groceries, .... and your doors never seem to be really locked. How do they get in? And just why are they so very interested in the fact that you are pregnant?...... Engaging, suspenseful, definitely worth watching!

Reviewed by Maddelena44 1 / 10

Very, very strange, forgettable and totally unrealistic...

The "villains" in this movie, happen to be an older couple, living in a rural area, growing their own healthy food, free of toxic pesticides, proven to be harmful, hence the hazmat suits the farm workers wear to spray them!

It's incredibly bizarre that anyone would have a negative judgement about something as wise as avoiding these pesticides , right?

Yet , the writers make sure the couple is also deranged in every possible way, so that the audience now equates self-sufficiency and healthy living with being a "dangerous weirdo".

Yes, I clearly see what they did here, now do you?

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