Only You

2014 [TURKISH]

Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 5486

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April 12, 2023 at 10:11 PM


Hakan Yonat

Top cast

Ibrahim Celikkol as Ali
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ttandb 9 / 10

A beautiful film and worth the watch

I've seen the original Korean 2011 movie ('Always'; aka 'Always Only You') which was equally as beautiful as this 2014 remake. BOTH films deserving to be seen because BOTH male actors are sublime. BUT in the Turkish version I have to say that Belcim Bilgin (who played 'Hazal') was streets ahead of Han Hyo-ju who played the female lead ('Jeong-hwa') in the Korean version 'Always'.

Han Hyo-ju just didn't really put across the blind young woman longing for love and acceptance to the same level as Belcim Bilgin; the latter really made you believe she was genuinely blind, genuinely desperate to reach past the harsh walls that Ali had raised around himself, let alone his heart - someone who honestly saw the tortured soul beneath the silent, sullen exterior and wanted to soothe him.

Even though I truly adore So Ji-seob ('Cheol-min' in 'Always') and have seen so many of his wonderful dramas and movies, I have to say that Ibrahim Celikkol (as 'Ali' in 'Sadece Sen') absolutely nailed the tortured, introverted, wracked with guilt male lead in a way that, sadly, So Ji-seob just didn't manage. Don't get me wrong So was excellent and had moments where his emotions bettered Celikkol's, but on the whole the latter's portrayal definitely was so much better than So's. Celikkol's whole body language screamed of a man that didn't feel he was worthy of anything, let alone love.

There were moments where one actor outdid the other, moments when you would think 'So Ji-seob was SO much better there; or Ibrahim Celikkol nailed that far better than So'; but in the end Celikkol truly nailed the character. Overall BOTH movies really deserve to be seen - I honestly cannot stress that enough.

BUT if you're going to watch one first (or only watch one) then watch 'Sedece Sen', you won't regret it. But do try to see 'Always' too - it's just as good, background actors are better than those in 'Sedece Sen'; and, as it was the first of these wonderful, sublime and repeatedly watchable movies, you have to know without it you wouldn't have this winner either.

Reviewed by lindajean4044 10 / 10

A Masterpiece! Awesome! 10 stars!

Lately I have discovered that watching foreign films with subtitles has given me the opportunity to enjoy some above average cinematic entertainment. This is one of the best movies I have ever watched. I was totally captivated from beginning to end.

I was only into this movie (Netflix) about 15 minutes when I realized I was watching a masterpiece. There was only one swear word in the whole movie with no nudity. So tasteful and refreshing. There is some violence, but not gratuitous,and only in part of the movie. Don't let the opening scene shock you away. This movie has a beautiful and uplifting ending. Kudos to the director and production team. They deserve it. I would never have thought I would love a movie made in of all places, Turkey!

Reviewed by swtsthng-259-856130 9 / 10

Surprisingly Good

Not surprising, was the quality of acting by the leads. Ibrahim is always good, and this may be my favorite performance of his so far. The surprising part is the ending - as a frequent viewer of Turkish series, I was well prepared for a disappointing ending. But thankfully this movie didn't follow suit and all my tears were justified in the end. I will watch this one again.

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