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May 01, 2023 at 04:16 PM


Kd Amond

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Reviewed by terryandamy-80054 2 / 10

anti climatic

This looked like a Community college theater Project released to the public. A 4.4 review is way too high and must have been from the folks involved in this lulu rich yoga pant fictitous documentary. I gave the 2 stars out of pity that this film was ever thought that it could make it. The only redeeming aspect was the dry and sarcastic humor added to what the writer thought was a deep and thought provoking plot. You will figure out the jist of the plot within the first few minutes the onl;y thriling or scary moments in the movie are the bad acting bu "Faye"

However on a more positive note, I loved the cabin and the nice wood work through out.

Reviewed by cjstanford-65097 4 / 10

Horror-no; Psychological-yes

The main character is a youngish, successful self help author whose husband died tragically 6 months ago. She's under pressure to complete, or at least show progress on her next book. The main plot is her coming to terms with his death she battles her own doubts, disappointment in self-disappointment and possibly a malevolent ghost while holed up in her editors' country cabin. Interspersed throughout the action, we see her publicly speaking about her self-discovery. In one of the segues, she philosophizes that time isn't linear, everything happens at the same time. I think that idea influenced the directors arranging the story cards. If you're hoping for a classic horror flick, this is not for you- although there's a few scenes that suggest horror promise. If you want a slightly off-kilter movie on a passage of sel-discovery, this might "float your boat." Honestly, I found the most creative and fun part of the movie in the final credits.

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-683274 2 / 10

Tonight's Special: Deja Vu

This movie doesn't meet the time schedule. A movie should be at least 90m.

Okay so I guess this writer, she 's at home having a bad trip or something. She's supposed to be writing a book, but her husband died or something and she's trying to cope.

So really what you have here is 80 minutes of 1 actress talking to the camera. I found it pointless. Not scary. Just a basic waste of time. 2/10.

And IMDB has now made it so a review has to have 600 characters before it can be entered. I really don't expect that to last very long because people are sure to complain about it. But until that happens I guess we have to expect reviews to be long winded and sometimes about absolutely nothing to do with the show in question.

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