My Sailor, My Love



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May 04, 2023 at 06:52 AM


Klaus Härö

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James Cosmo as Howard
Catherine Walker as Grace
Nora-Jane Noone as Kelly
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Reviewed by brentsbulletinboard 8 / 10

A Smart Romantic Drama That Avoids Being Sappy

When a retired, curmudgeonly, self-centered Irish sea captain has trouble caring for himself, his overprotective, controlling daughter hires a new housekeeper to tend to his needs, a move the fiercely independent protagonist initially resents. However, before long, the once-tentative relationship blossoms into something more substantial, a move the skipper's daughter questions and grows to resent. So how will this fundamental dilemma be resolved? That's the central question raised in director Klaus Härö's latest effort, a well-crafted, if occasionally predictable, romantic drama reminiscent of the similarly themed "Nobody Has to Know" (2021). Set against the sweeping Irish seacoast, this beautifully photographed backdrop provides the perfect stage for this heartfelt saga, one that verges on a tearjerker at times but never slides into a sappy, melodramatic, manipulative hanky fest. In large part this is due to the restrained but powerful performances of James Cosmo and Brid Brennan, who keep their characters real without becoming sentimental, histrionic caricatures. Add to this a finely polished soundtrack, and you've got a quality cinematic offering that deserves a look for a variety of reasons.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 7 / 10

My Sailor, My Love

James Cosmo is quite good here in one of his few leading roles. He is "Howard", a curmudgeonly old gent who lives alone - washing his smalls in the kitchen sink and caring little about anything but his crossword puzzle. His daughter "Grace" (Catherine Walker) is at the end of her tether, so she employs local lady "Annie" (Brid Brennan) to do a bit of housekeeping for him. He is not at all keen on this arrangement; indeed is so rude as to have her walk out on him, but a few of her more homely touches make him begin to realise that the pit into which his life has slid is perhaps not the only solution. Pretty quickly the two are getting on like an house on fire and gradually this causes a degree of chagrin for the daughter who sees her own role in his life beginning to become less crucial - as she, herself, is watching her own marriage disintegrate. Can they all find a way to make things work? It's a gentle romance this film, with some enjoyable and poignant performances from the three principals that highlights how people cope with grief, loneliness and opportunity. Director Klaus Härö allows the talent to deliver a considered series of portrayals that marry the happy and the sad in a plausible fashion. I can't say I loved the ending. Though perfectly realistic, it seemed a little unnecessary to me - but you be the judge. It doesn't need a cinema screen, but is well worth watching the loads of experience at character acting ooze from Brennan and Cosmo.

Reviewed by n-abediny 10 / 10

Very beautiful

This movie touches your heart and soul. The romance between 2 main characters is so beautiful. A great demonstration of pure love which cant be limited by age or other people opinions. It makes you feels better about being old or as it reminds you that you can experience great emotions and life events at any age.

I enjoyed every second of this movie, and the music and sceneries were wonderful. I totally recommend watching it in a cinema to fully feel the beauty of the irish narure on the big screen.

I wish this movie can be properly recognized by the film critics and media and film competitions.

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