The Fog


Action / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 4%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 19%
IMDb Rating 3.7 10 37442

Plot summary

October 15, 2022 at 03:36 PM


Rupert Wainwright

Top cast

Selma Blair as Stevie Wayne
Tom Welling as Nick Castle
Maggie Grace as Elizabeth Williams
Rade Serbedzija as Captain William Blake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lukem-52760 7 / 10


I admit it i hated this movie when i first watched it on dvd way back in 2005 & now after 15 years i decided give it another try out of pure curiosity again, as John Carpenters The Fog (1980) is probably my favourite Horror movie of all time & i have recently been watching alot of Aquatic water-based Horror Thriller's lately such as the Jaws franchise & Piranha & Anaconda & Humanoids from the Deep & Lake Placid & Crawl among others & i remembered the Fog remake from 2005.

It's weird because i hated this remake & even tossed the dvd in the bin but now after such a long period of time & with fresh & more mature eyes lol i really enjoyed this & take it for what it is now, a modern version of a Horror CLASSIC & it was never going to be better or as good as the first film.

This Fog is a polished version with some gorgeous scenes. What i now enjoyed about this flick is it's slow-paced & relaxing flow of it & it's quiet & creepy atmosphere. This is a relaxing movie that is more a Supernatural Thriller than a Dark Horror like the original & there in its tone it's supposed to be a new vision of the old story & i can except that now. The music is creepy & atmospheric but obviously not on the same genius level as the legendary John Carpenter but it's still a solid creepy score. The look & cinematography is actually really good here too with an overall creepy & moody look & some really nice shots of the Antonio Bay town & nice lovely night time scenes. The cast is no where near as good as John Carpenters original obviously but here they're fine in that early 2000's Slasher flick casting type of way. I did get nice vibes of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" in this film too with little fishing town & imagery. Back to the little cast of typical pretty faces like the new Nick Castle played by "SmallVilles" Tom Welling, he's not too bad as the local fisherman that was originally played by the legendary Tom Atkins, but he's ok as the typical good-looking lead hero type & Maggie Grace (Taken Trilogy) is actually pretty good here as Elizabeth, a girl who comes back to the small town just as everything gets Spooky & strange. Elizabeth does alot of investigating into the past history of the town which is a nice added bit of detail & her character is much more fleshed out than that of Jamie lee Curtis was im the original, some really nice looking scenes of her in the old museum checking it all out. We also get a good performance from Selma Blair (HellBoy 1&2) as the lighthouse DJ radio host Stevie Wayne, it's a fine part & the worst role goes to the "Funny Black Guy" played by Deray Davis as Spooner the friend of Nick, he's the typical wannabe funny black guy that was in all those Slasher flicks back in the day but he doesn't ruin it as he's not a main character & not too over the top. The Supernatural killers look pretty decent for computer effects & look like actual Ghosts rather than Carpenters much scarier Zombies but this is a new "Vision" so things change even if it's not for the better. But all in all "The Fog" from 2005 is actually a decent little supernatural Thriller with an ok little cast for a relaxing little low-key popcorn flick. There's actually a nice quiet & lonely feel to this flick which i really liked & some really good spooky scenes but it's definitely not scary like the first film but that adds to it's nice calm & old school early 2000's feel. It's definitely a product of it's time like all films but something nice & slow about it's thrills & chills & nothing is over the top or crazy like most Horror's or Supernatural films today, the pacing is nice here. This isn't totally the same & that's whats good as it follows similar beats but done differently & that makes it not a carbon copy & is in away it's own thing just following the old story slightly but also making changes & also adding much more depth to everything especially the History of the town & Mythology.

I'm glad i gave this another watch after 15 years!!! It's not the Classic first film but it's very good little atmospheric Supernatural Thriller in it's own right & a nice late night flick.

Reviewed by firehawk-ws6 1 / 10

This movie to sleep.

After having read a few of the comments that have already been left, it wouldn't make much sense for me to add much more than has already been said. You've been warned: This is an hour and a half of your life that you will never, ever recover....and you will be irritated for it. ZERO chemistry between characters, sub-par acting at best, no story continuity, and, most importantly, NO SCARE FACTOR. I actually found myself chuckling through a few scenes that were supposed to be suspenseful. Terrible. With the technology available today, this had some serious promise to be an improvement over the original, but it failed miserably. Watch the original Fog.....

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10

bland remake

The town of Antonio Island, Oregon is unveiling a statue honoring the four founders; Patrick Malone, Norman Castle, Richard Wayne and David Williams in 1871. However the four men had been less than honorable. Nick Castle (Tom Welling) runs his own fishing boat, the Seagrass. His girlfriend Elizabeth Williams (Maggie Grace) returns to the island after six months in NYC. Stevie Wayne (Selma Blair) is the radio DJ out the lighthouse. There is some strange occurrences, gruesome deaths, and a mysterious fog.

This is a remake of the original John Carpenter movie from 1980. I wasn't really a big fan of the original and this is a poor copy. At least the original had a creepy atmosphere and Adrienne Barbeau. This one doesn't have anything in comparison. The production and the acting is so bland. It's like nobody aspires to do better. There is also something about the CGI fog. Its fakeness took me out of the movie. It's not scary and it's not suspenseful.

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