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July 01, 2022 at 07:58 AM


Magdalena Lauritsch

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George Blagden as Gavin Abbott
Mark Ivanir as Dimitri Krylow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s3276169 10 / 10


What do we draw the line between altruism and self interest?

This is the question Rubikon rather astutely asks. It sets up this moral conundrum in the context of a capitalist corporate society. One where money defines one's place, in the pecking order.

Its a reflection increasingly of our own world in the West. One driven by self interest, where altruism typically takes a back set to "me first."

Its interesting then, to see the interplay between characters placed in a microcosm of modern society. How will they react when called upon to sacrifice? How much will they be willing to give up?

There's no judgement or condemnation here, nor I feel should there be. This is simply a reflection of who we have become.

Well acted, intelligently written, modest in its approach and surprisingly engrossing.


Reviewed by kuarinofu 5 / 10

A fine tale about ignorant people making horrible decisions

Rubikon is a semi-enjoyable space drama. The science-fiction balance is heavily tipped towards fiction since the technical side is messy.

The film is an excellent example of what would happen if 'Prometheus' or 'Alien Covenant' astronauts were sent on a critical mission but with no xenomorphs. Everyone acts extremely selfish and unprofessional, no sane analysis is carried out, and no problem-solving is undertaken. Everybody pursues their selfish interests, some of which are closer to humanity's saving, and some are far away from it.

The film's weakest element was probably the acting since the production quality and design were pretty good. The main lead cannot act, and her voice lines convey no emotion whatsoever. And considering her choices, she fits pretty well; she is just a fictional person you wouldn't want to be in charge. An attempt to reach the pinnacle of a strong female lead in space - Ellen Ripley - failed miserably. You can't top this character's strong will and solid feminine mother side (especially with this kind of acting).

The film pushes a message of inequality among people, solidifying it by doing the same. The possibility of pregnancy is far more important than providing a life-saving opportunity for (at least) 300 people. It's ok to abandon them since they are CEOs. The fact that they would do the same justifies the inhuman treatment - an excellent screenwriting choice.

Overall, while the film left quite a bitter aftertaste, which wasn't intentional, it was still an ok watch. Some scenes needed more tuning and tighter editing, but the core is there. If not for the acting, I'd appreciate it much more.

I'd give it a (10 - 3 for the acting, - 1.5 for the slow pace and wasted run-time) = 5.5/10. Excellent production, interesting (but horrible) ideas, some thought put into it, but not quite polished.

As for a recommendation, it's hard to recommend this to sci-fi fans since it's closer to a drama in space rather than an entertaining sci-fi. Rubikon would probably play well for female audiences, especially those unfamiliar with science fiction.

Reviewed by theord 6 / 10

A Good Start

But about halfway through the movie falls apart when the main character undergoes a complete transformation that makes no sense, just to drive forward the narrative. To say more would be a spoiler, but I was really enjoying the film up until the falloff into what I will call the predictably ordinary. The science is wonky, as others have mentioned, but the sets and effects were strong and the story, while a bit slow-paced, was at least interesting. Not a terrible movie, but could have been much better with better writing.

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