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October 17, 2022 at 10:23 PM


Tran Huu Tan

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sisubalan 2 / 10

Awful writing & Execution. 3in1.

3 episodes turned into one movie. Dedinitely under horror category but theres nothing scary, even the scare jumps were poorly executed. Sound scores okay but the effects were awful. Very bad writing and acting. Not familiar with any of the actors but the actors from the first story were okay and as for the other stories the casts were awful. The had enough budget, seems like they used most of the budget on the awful graphics. Little to no make up, poor sceneries and props, unknown new talents that are wasted - everything about it was poor. Bad wirting on 3 stories.

Story 1 - A mostly played/ known story from south asian cultures, nothing special. Although new actors, they did their role well. The production and flow of the movie was okay. A very direct solid plot.

Story 2&3 - Same plot but different situation. Bad casts, bad graphics, complicated flow and writing. Most of the scenes doesnt make sense (plotholes), definitely darker than the 1st story but poorly executed. Awful.

All of these 3 stories have bad endings, with 1 predictably excusable and 2 with just awful productions. Not recommended.

Reviewed by v-86934 2 / 10

should avoid

First episode didn't have originality and predictable other asian horror are better than this. A slow episode could've been better, this feels unreal and not enough for a horror lover.

Second episode seemed stupider it's not scary at all the concept is great but the script can be better the writer didn't give justice to the script at all. Consider I'm Vietnamese but this appeared on Netflix? I think it's not qualified enough for international viewers to understand the movie.

Things get worst and worst wtf is this? Do they think this thing is scary? Where is their sense of horror. So disappointing they really like headless horror huh?

Reviewed by wanderlustdreamtraveller 4 / 10

Su Khoi Sac Cho Nen Dien Anh Viet Nam

This is a movie which has high quality in images and techniques. The actors' perfomance is also a element that creates the creepy vibe for the film. We can say that, "Chuyen Ma Gan Nha" is a turning-point for VietNamese's film industry. However, even the film talks about the legends in Viet Nam, it still has one drawback: too much references from foreign countries.

P/s: It's good but not enough to be called a scary movie.

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