Til Death Do Us Part


Action / Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 39% · 28 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 1020 1K

Plot summary

After bailing on her wedding, a former bride-to-be must fight off her ex-groom and seven angry killer groomsmen in order to survive the night.

September 19, 2023 at 04:15 PM


Timothy Woodward Jr.

Top cast

Cam Gigandet as Best Man
Jason Patric as Husband
Mike Starr as Father
Orlando Jones as Groomsman 4
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by josiv89 2 / 10

I've parted ways with this film and I'm happy to say I'll never be seeing this again.

So today I (mis)treated myself to a double feature of Meg 2 and Til Death Do Us Part. After Meg 2 failed to deliver on its minimal promises of schlocky fun I had my hopes that this would meet my expectations of being mildly entertaining. Unfortunately this couldn't even pass the lowest bar: at least be more entertaining than the movie I watched prior.

This movie is a beat-by-beat ripoff to the far superior Kill Bill films with lifeless performances from a cast that looked like they didn't want to be there. The characters are monotone, obnoxious, and one note. Cam Gigandet's character is by far the most insufferable of the bunch. Putting on random classic songs on vinyl and foolishly dancing around is his sole personality trait that probably took up to a total of 15 minutes of the film runtime throughout. If you want your character to be demented maybe...I don't know...do more?

It delivers on the blood and gore for the most part and usually when a film is this bad this can be a redeeming quality, even if it doesn't save the film entirely. But this did nothing for me. The jokes fall flat, the characters are cringe, and the film is about 20-25 minutes too long. There was no heart in this. The only positives I can give this are some decent fighting scenes and two pretty cool and bloody kills.

Reviewed by dubond 4 / 10

Poor man's version of Ready Or Not

Til Death Do Us Part is directed by Timothy Woodward Jr and stars Natalie Burn, Cam Gigandet, Orlando Jones and Jason Patric.

What happens when you try to combine a Tarantino movie with You're Next and Ready Or Not? You get whatever Til Death Do Us Part is. This isn't a good movie but there are a few redeeming qualities about this that I'll get into.

There are two subplots in this one with the Groomsmen hunting down Natalie Burn's bride and another involving Jason Patric's character that didn't even need to be in this movie. This movie is also way too long and for such a simple premise it feels extremely dragged out. The writing by Chad Law and Shane Dax Taylor is also extremely cliche and filled with horrendous dialogue. On the positive side Natalie Burn in what I think is her first leading role is good here and Jason Patric who looks like he was interrupted during his vacation to film scenes for this also does a good job. The best part about this for me though was Cam Gigandet and his charismatic and zany performance got to give him props for at least trying to make this somewhat watchable.

How or why this managed to get a theatrical release I don't know. Ready Or Not with Samara Weaving which has a very similar plot to this is far superior.

Reviewed by demonblade-37792 6 / 10

Standard Slasher

Til Death Do Us Part (2023) is about a runaway bride being stressed out from her newlywed husband. She wants out of the relationship, but the husband thinks the opposite. He has his groomsmen chase and attack her until he is all for her. The wife will do anything possible to get out of this marriage once and for all.

Overall, I thought it was a typical slasher that did have good kills in it. My favorite kill has to be the midget because of how brutal it was. There were a few scenes that were questionable, but it really did not impact me too much on my viewing experience. The acting was good by everyone especially Natalia Guslistaya playing a dominant killer bride in this film. Although, I did think that nothing too thrilling happened and it felt alright. Overall, Til Death To Us Part is alright with its story, kills, and thrills. I would recommend watching it on streaming services or watch it in theaters if you want to.

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