La Nave

2022 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 6.9 10 111

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October 24, 2022 at 10:33 PM


Batan Silva

Top cast

Héctor Jiménez as
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by isaacochoterena 2 / 10

My expectations were very high

I saw the trailer for this movie and thought it would be an emotional, funny and different comedy, but I couldn't be more wrong.

This movie was a big disappointment, because the trailer seemed very different the quality of the plot, but it was not, although the first act can be fun and compelling, the story is not well written. To begin with, the subplots don't seem to have much of a connection, they appear to be resolved and a similar problem appears again, this makes the film cyclical and very difficult to connect with the story, then there is the poor development of the characters, the character of the child is very conceited, there are times when he is annoying, the character named Miguel doesn't have much development, there is a bit of talk about why he is like that but the script doesn't inquire about it to get to know him and be able to empathize with him, the other characters have zero development, they are only there to support the main characters without knowing a bit about them, then the way of resolving the main conflict is completely changed at the end and makes more than half of the movie unnecessary, there is also too much emotional manipulation for the viewer, making certain situations for make you cry although there is not much emotional depth due to the little development of this, there are also several uncomfortable moments with jokes out of place, in the same way the humor is very scarce and it is not really funny except for the beginning, and of course the plot is totally predictable, although you could expect some emotional moments that overlooked the clichés, which did not happen. They also do not exploit the beauty of the places where this movie was filmed, they waste a great opportunity to portray the beautiful landscapes of those places, the performances are not bad but they are not surprising either, it seems that everyone plays a character that they embodied in the past, except of Paloma Arredondo, who plays the mother of the child protagonist, who does a great job in the little time on screen that appears.

This film has lacked a lot of work on the script, the structure is horrible and the subplots lead nowhere, just as it lacked emotional moments to fall in love and care about the characters, these moments are there but they are very plastic, they don't feel real and there is no basis for these emotions to relapse and mean something to the audience, the trailer promised better.

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