10,000 Miles

2016 [CHINESE]


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October 27, 2022 at 12:27 PM


Simon Hung

Top cast

Jack Noseworthy as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nicolas-wengkan 4 / 10

Interesting story but completely mishandled

I was expecting a lot from this theme (long distance running) but try as I may, I could not relate to the characters. The story does not make sense and things happen in a completely non linear way. The main actor (Sean Huang) is a miscast, he acts like a spoiled child (his character) and lacks any credibility in the role of a long distance runner. His brother was slightly more credible though i am still missing the connection of why being a long distance runner leads to a life in crime but at least he acts. Megan Lai as beautiful as she is is a bit wooden through the whole movie. I can't stop thinking that with another actor instead of Sean Huang, it would have been a better movie.

Reviewed by sim_tasha 9 / 10

No pain, no story!

No pain, no story. Enjoy the pain. Beautiful movie about fight and strength of human. It's so beautiful when men find strength to stand up after he felt down. Sports movies are usually full of clichés but, but even with that this movie is great movie filmed on amazing location and very good acting.

Reviewed by iieeef 4 / 10

Promising beginning, but fails in the end

FILM: 10,000 Miles DIRECTOR: Simon Hung RATING: 5/10

What starts off as a beautifully shot, wholly engaging film is marred by a few jarring twists and unnecessary plot developments. Kevin and Sean are brothers who, from an early age, realize they have the gift of speed. They naturally are taken to running with the older Sean constantly referring to the younger Kevin as a tag-along. Of course this sparks in Kevin the desire to beat his brother, and so he pursues long-distance running with a fierceness of spirit and a refusal to ever give up. With a strong opening act, this film really just had to ride the tailwind to be successful. Throw Kevin a few losses, maybe a steamy love story that threatens to steal his attention, and an eventual big win in the third act and it's hello, Rudy! But that's not where Director/Writer Simon Hung takes us at all.

As the older Sean's life falls apart and he is reduced to a life of drug crime, Kevin's foolishness gets the better of him as well. What follows are several subplots of varying degrees of silly, including one that tries to pull off a Revenant style battle with a CGI wolf (unsuccessful), and another where someone's kidney is stolen on the black market. By the time we reach the 10,000 mile race of the title, the Director is so confused about what's important to the audience, that the film ends abruptly, leaving the earnest heart that was once at the forefront of this film inside the travel size ice chest with the black market kidney.

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