Eating Miss Campbell


Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 95

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October 27, 2022 at 03:52 PM


Liam Regan

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kwzombi 8 / 10



(Read the following in Trey Parker's voice)

Reattach that Banjo String! Liam Regan's gluttonous "sequel" to My Bloody Banjo, Eating Miss Campbell; is an intellectually crafted blood soaked 'black comedy' that mordaciously blends all that we love and hate about cliché horror comedies! And thank GAWD for that!

Liam Regan's 'Whoopsie F-in' Daisies' are in full bloom with outstanding and stellar performances from the entire cast! Lyndsey Craine and Lala Barlow shine; gothically, and fully embody the insanely clever and campy Beth Connor & Miss Campbell. Charlie Bond, Emily Haigh, Michaela Longden invoke the sins of '80s movies past' as the Heathers!! Did ya hear that gun shot?! Oh, just another school shooting.

Any rate, of course there's a Lloyd Kaufman cameo! Laurence R. Harvey is a scene stealer and Vito Trigo as the return of Mr. Sawyer adds another layer to the ever evolving mystique that is; WHOOPSIE F-in DAISEY! With James Hamer-Morton and Dani Thompson returning as well, one could say this is Liam Regan's "James Gunn Crew." Justin A. Martell and Annabella Rich are over the top, in all the right ways; as Tusk Everbone and Nancy Applegate.

Eli Roth! James Gunn! Trey Parker and Matt Stone! And now; Liam Regan! Unapologetically offensive with a social message; Eating Miss Campbell is...Bang Bang!

Reviewed by singhlall 8 / 10

Fantastic spiritual sequel to My Bloody Banjo

This is a very well executed Troma style movie shot in the UK. The cast give some great performances and the SFX are worthy of the genre. The Director clearly has had fun with this and no topic is off limits. Some great jokes about High Schools, Horror movies and American culture. Charlie Bond, James Hame Morton, Bella Rich and Dani Thomson are great. Lawrence Harvey gives a great cameo performance too. This is destined to be a cult classic. Topics such as High School shootings, Cancel Culture get a good going over. This is more sophisticated than your usual horror film. The gore levels are fantastic too.

Reviewed by stewsith 9 / 10

Wacky, Blood-Soaked Troma Fun

Director Liam Regan follows up his debut film My Bloody Banjo (track it down if you haven't seen it) with an absurd, gore filled, hilarious movie about Beth Connor - a Goth, Vegan, Cannibal who falls in love with her high school teacher and to say anymore would spoil the movie! Lyndsey Craine (Book of Monsters) is a superb lead and perfectly plays the "straight man" role in a film filled with wacky characters right out of Tromaville who are sure to delight and offend in equal measure. The supporting cast is wonderful with many familiar faces including Lawrence Harvey (Human Centipede 2) who steals every scene he's in.

I saw the movie at its world premiere at Frightfest London where everyone laughed, cheered and cringed together making this a real highlight of the festival. There are some wild gags in the film, with many characters uttering lines that had the audience in stitches and whilst some may find themselves offended by the subject matter, the jokes are well executed in the context of the film and are a testament to the bold, uncensored film that Liam committed to make.

The other thing that I must compliment is the look of the film which dazzles with a bright, colourful palette akin to an R-rated Nickelodeon show that makes the film so unique. The High School lunch served in one scene is neon green and orange slop (reminded me of the movie Hook) which contrast so well against Beth's black and drab goth look. The sharp Cinematography is complimented with dolly moves and steadicam shots which give the film an expensive, Hollywood feel whist maintaining a late 90's teen movie aesthetic, resulting in one of the best looking Troma films of recent memory.

Well worth watching with company and a few beers on movie night if you are up for some solid laughs, brilliant performances and very icky gore which goes places most horror films wouldn't even dare. A must see for fans of horror comedy and even for those who don't normally take to Troma films.

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b4d4ms October 27, 2022 at 04:09 pm

Made by Troma...I'm in!